Pure Workout’s main function is to create and aid fitness routines.  There was a gap in the way fitness information was being presented and tracked, as the exercise machines provided information but only while you used the machine.  Pure Workout’s main function is to provide “in

gym” advice and simplified tracking.  It enables a user to create routines and select monitoring prior to going to the gym, providing more confidence during the workout and information for reflection afterwards.

Final Deliverables

Pure Workout is a three-component system; phone application, tracking widgets, and trainer display pod. These three work together to eliminate distractions and assist a person during the workout, at any level of experience. For the final product I provided an example workout animation (displaying how the widgets work,) application wireframes, 3D models of the pod.

Simplified widgets are designed to track time, repetitions, and distance.  These are “stacked” on top of each other to create the workout routine.  There are two concentric outer rings that are constant.  The outer ring represents the overall workout completion and the inner concentric ring displays the targeted heart rate for the best workout.  These help the user establish easy step-by-step goals.  By eliminating unnecessary information, the user can focus on each goal step in sequence.  Once a workout is complete all of the widgets are put together, to create a workout receipt.

The application was designed to be used before and after workouts.  Preloaded templates make it easy for the user to set up step-by-step goals that both inform and ease the workout.  The app holds all of the workout receipts to show progress, and motivate the user to reach their long-term goals.

The display “pod” allows users to clearly see their progress.  Its slim and simple design makes it easy to use, and helps focus on the workout goal in the gym.  It has a magnetic back to attach to the different machines, and clip on feature to attach to your belt or water bottle.


Very early in my research it became clear that many people were intimidated by their lack of knowledge about…

  • How to exercise

  • Use the gym equipment

  • Work out alone in the gym

In addition many with poor body image

concerns were anxious about being in a situation where their body could easily be compared to others.  After interviewing many people after classes at a local gym and several varsity women’s teams, I decided to focus on the knowledge and confidence aspect of the problem.