Collection of small scale products and experimental explorations.

Fractal Jell-o

Description: Created a Jell-o Mold design inspired by fractal forms


Fabrication: Polystyrene sheets vacuum formed on high condense foam forms. The forms were created in shop.

Fiber Experiment

Description: Wanted to explore the an unconventional use of leather.


Fabrication: Cut and glued peices of leather. I used epoxy to control where the leather is dense 

Description: A vessel that reflects the rocks that it contains. 


Fabrication: Vacuum sealed styrene of turned wood object.

Rock Vessel


Description: Make a found object more ergonomic to the hand and encourage movement.


Fabrication: Hand sanded tree branch

Description: Key hooks that drops a memo when the key is lifted from the hook. Perfect for reminding your housemate of chores

Key Memo Board

Drawer Pull

Description: Drawer pull inspired by antlers. Wanted to challenge my CAD skills by taking inspiration from a natural form.


Fabrication: Silicone mold of a Solidworks creation

Go Clean

Description: Go clean is a multi bussiness platform for beauty companies that sell natural and substaniable products. By combining smaller companies together the platform can start to attack the market that is mostly run by 4 companies. 


Products: Online store, blog and health benifits page, Phone app, Marketing events and pitch to companies

Wandering Mind

Description: Experiment with an unconventional material


Fabrication: 3,000 matches glued together

4-Board Bench

Description: Reading bench and Dracula book holder. 


Fabrication: 4 board and 6 screws